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SMTOWN red ocean

Anybody here?????


Blame it to SechsKies for making a comeback after 16 friggin years..

But i hope our 5 dongbangstars will make a comeback one day too..

Its been.. 7? 8 years?now? Does oppar need another 8 years to make a grand comeback?

PLEASE! make it sooooonner than later!! while i'm still single HAHAHHAHAA

If you comeback after i got married and have kids, i will kill you!(Kidding!)

How do u expect me to go gaga fangirling over your after i have a husband and kids at home?? (unless if my husband is one of you guys *chunnie, winks* LOL)

But i'm planning to come clean to whoever my future husband is (if i ever get married); to let me fangirl over all 5 of you once again after your comeback. (SEE??? i dont care! none of you ever mentioned anything about db5k comeback but i already made plans for your comeback SO like it or not, better make it quick!!!!)

OK enough ranting..

YUNHO JAEJOONG YOOCHUN JUNSU CHANGMIN!!!!!! better come up with your grand comeback plan asap! do you have any other choices? NO! so keep that in mind ok! call me selfish, i dont care! DONT MAKE ME WAIT FOR ANOTHER 8 YEARS, GOT ME? I dont think i am as strong as those YellowKies ://///

OK enough enough ranting


To all the cassies that is still here, //CLAP/CLAP/CLAP// /HIGHFIVE/ //KISSES// you guys deserve kisses from me! ///KISSHHKISHHH///

i miss those days.. where i can fangirl for 24hours without any care about real life. /sighs/

And how have you been doing? How's life now? any of you got married yet? ^^;;; i am 29 this year, but i'm still single. blame it on chunnie for breaking my heart. i think only he can glue my heart back together.. :///

Car Stickers on SALE :D
chunnie latest
HYE i'm selling car stickers. you can actually make ur own designs. For all the sizes below, the price will be rm7 (including normal posting)
*for poslaju, additional charges will be applied - optional* need to be reminded that normal posting means that there will be no tracing number.

u can also make any size that u want. just give me the size and i'll tell u the price. (no limitation in total number of colors)

u can choose from the designs below if u are interested

1. TVXQ (6'X4')

2. TVXQ (4.5'X4.5')

3. FT ISLAND (7'X4')
ft island kak ain

4. MBLAQ (7'X3')

interested? leave a comment here or email me @ ain_darienfawkes1@yahoo.com
order due date: 18th April 2014

award hug
it has been 10 loooooooooooooooooooong years eh?

10years ago, at this time, i bet that if they were not in the studio/on stage practicing for their debut stage, they mustve been on the bed, eyes still wide eventho their bodies were tired as hell... they must be really nervous, excited, happy, scared, anxious, not knowing if their debut perf will be perfect or not. whether or not they will dance perfectly, singing beautifully...

and today, i'm hoping that they are somewhere out there, reminiscing their good and bad memories when they were together, smiling with tears in their eyes, and maybe, secretly texting/calling each other to wish 'HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY' or maybe meeting and getting drunk together SOBS *pulls hair*

and here i am, sitting in a dark corner of my room, bawling my eyes out, selfishly hoping that my fantasies about them coming back together will come true




JaeJae's n Junsu's twitter update. Cr: dbsknights

10th anniversary since debut!
These moments that were possible because everyone is here.
These moments that I could make it through because everyone was together.
I want to say words of thanks to everyone who cried tears of joy and hardship,
and comforted me, and to my members I sincerely thank you~
Hoping that the coming 10 years will be filled to the brim with laughter

Yoochunie, Jaejoongie-hyung and the fans’ love that has walked with me for the past 10 years… In order to repay this huge love that’s incomparable with anything else, even if just a little bit, I’ll work even harder in the future with the mentality that I’m repaying that debt. To the fans who cried and laughed with us… and my beloved members… Thank you really

i'm still here <3
group hug
in case anyone ever think that i've vanished from the fandom, or from this beautiful world.. hehhehe

not that active anymore, but i'm still here...

still waiting for a miracle to happen, but i'm still here...

i'm a bit tired of everything. but i'm still here.... <3

for my dear cassiopeia family :)
SMTOWN red ocean
it has already been three longgggggggggg years, right? since the start of the lawsuit~ i dont know the exact date the lawsuit started, but yeah~ more or less 3 years already passed...

and in these painful period of time, i know that we are getting more and more tired. of everything. we wont get tired of oppars, i know we wont.. but the dramas... /sighs

for me, now is better than, 2 years ago? where i (and most of us) cried, almost every single day~ because of what oppars said in interviews, because of what OTHER PEOPLE said about oppars, because of what strangers from other fandoms said about us...

but i think all of this should make us become stronger, right? especially for those who are still here, even after all the shits that we've been through?

but believe me, there will be some times when u will feel really really tired.. u feel that u want to give up~ even if u says so, do u think it will be THAT easy to leave? seriously? I DONT THINK SO! 

u can take a break, take as much time as u need, but believe me, in the end, u will always come back here. we are not just ordinary fanclubs, do u agree with me? we are one big family! do u think that u can get rid of your family that easily? especially after all that we've been through together all these years?

i dont really know why i'm here, ranting bout this~ but yeah, just feel the need to let out what ever that is in my mind~

and.. i'm also a shinhwa changjo now! but believe me, that can NEVER make me a less cassie! its already in my blood :D

i've been here with all of you, going through the darkest and thoughest times. for me the most painful and critical time was when avex stopped their japan activities, when almost everyone outside this fandom said that they had DISBANDED =( and also during those time when JYJ started their activities. /sighs~ u can never shut those antis mouth up! =( and ever since i walked into this fandom, i've dedicated MOST (if not all) of my time, tears, sweats and money for the boys. do u think i can just forget and turn my back to all of you just like that? NO FREAKING WAY! u can dream about it, but for me, it wont happen!

they say that, once a fan, forever a fan.. and that makes us,

once a cassiopeia, forever a cassiopeia

we wont give up~ oppars are still fighting, so why should'nt we? u cant even compare of what we've been through to what THEY have been through. if u think u cannot fight with them, just sit in the corner and wait~ those who are stronger will do it for you~ just, DONT LEAVE! u, sitting quitely there, in the corner, can already mean so much to them! so why waste you energy fighting your way OUT from this fandom?

i think i'll stop now~ we were all given this gift, where we can THINK~ so, use that gift appropriately. 

and if u still want to leave, there's nothing anyone can do~ we wont force anyone to do what ever they dont want, right?

will leave you with some of my all-time-fav pics~ bye~ :D

and lastly.. :)

award hug
well, we first met in FB. n then i forced her to be more active in twitter. she already had an account but she didnt really tweet much. so i forced her to tweet more because i i like twitter more than fb. n so she complied. n then we tweeted almost everyday. i love yoosu n she loves yunjae. so sometimes i'll tweet some yunjae fics/pics for her n she'll tweet yoosu for me. we become excited over every db5k updates n we even cried together for every stupid rumors about our 5 hubbies (n we cursed SME n AVEX for every little chance we get)

n then she started to tweet less, because she said that her exams are coming. and i remember this one time, she said that her lappy broke down or something. n just like that, she disappeared. D;

at first i thought that she would come back after her exams are over. but now... after SIX FREAKING MONTHS, there are still no news from her! D; i stalked her twitter, lj n tumblr everytime i think of her, but there are no updates since march D; 

so yesterday, i decided to stalk her friend. i remember she once replied to a message on tumblr, to this one friend, where she told her to write her a letter. so i thought surely this friend of her have sarah's address. so i went through sarah's tumblr, n looked back at her old posts, but was disappointed because her friend had terminated her tumblr acc DDDD;

then i searched for the same id name on livejournal, hopping that her friend might have an account with the same id there but NOOOO~~~~~It was negative ;AAAAA;

i went thru sarah's old tweets to see if she ever tweeted to this friend but negative!!!! >< and then, just to try my luck, i searched for the same id on twitter, there were 3-4 accs with the same id. the first one was a japanese. the second one was a caucasian but i dont think this was her friend since this person is not a kpop fan at all (well i saw sarah posting something dbsk related tho this friend of her once - i dont stalk sarah LOL no but her tumblr posts will appear on twitter hence it'll obviously comeout on my tl) and the 3rd one!!! i was really nervous! i really really really hope that she was the right person since i dont think i can think of any other way to find this mysterious friend of hers!
but i tried my luck, i tweeted her n ask if she knows sarah n OMGSANNNNNNN she said she doooo!!! omg i was really happy (but i had already started crying at that time..i cried since i found out that she had terminated her tumblr acc oooo i was such a crybaby)

but...the problem is..SHE HAD ALSO LOST CONTACT WITH SARAH N SHE SAID SHE HAD LOST HER HOME ADDRESS OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGGGGGG what can i do???? i feel helpless right now!!! ='(((((

i just hope that one day, she'll get a chance to come back on twitter/ or lj. i've flooded her twitter n lj with my mentions and comments for months! i hope she'll see it n reply to me asap! i hope that she will never forget me! just like what i once said, cassies are like my sisters! i cant loose my sister just like this! ;AAAAAA; i hope that she is ok right now, n that she is happy with whatever she is doing.. n i hope that she will not leave this fandom.. i mean , i knew quite a lot of people have given up n left, but i dont think sarah is like that! she believes in the boys as much as i do!

00sarahriich00 I MISS YOU! ='(

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chunnie latest
 i need to rant~ but not now... not yet... imma burst any minute now...

JYJ World Tour Concert 2011
chunnie latest

They came here last year~ for the showcase~

Yoochun promised us that they'll come back this year~

soo~ i hope that redstar/whichever organizer available can bring them back!!!! ;DDDDDDDD


chunnie latest
i.. just feel like posting this~ :///



The letters that the stars created in the night sky

I still believe that it is not just by chance

In the same darkness, in the same distance

We are painting the W in the same way

We will shine more and more so that you can find us

keep in mind that I love you.

I wish…

Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close my eyes, you’re everything

It is still natural that you are by our side

We can only wish that you are happy

We will climb our stairs one by one

We are still waiting for you, imagining our future

I wish..

Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close our my eyes, you’re everything

It is still natural that you are by our side

We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again

We believe that we can laugh together with you once again

You’re my love Please hold on

Even when the days pass by, and that there may be pains

You are always our “PRIDE”

The words that you murmured to the stars shining in the nightsky

We still believe that it is not “Good bye”

Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream

We are still searching for the W

We will always shine in the same shape

keep in mind that I love you.

I want to see you, see you

I want to see you, see you

I want to see you, see you

I want to see you, see you, see you

I wish…

Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close my eyes, you’re everything

It is still natural that you are by our side

We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again

We believe that we can laugh together with you once again

FULL CREDITS : withlove35 : viveytan ( http://withlove-thirtyfive.blogspot.com/2010/07/jyj-w-lyric-translation-stupid-me.html )

FOR YOU... JAEJOONG =(((((((((
chunnie latest

For you......

Now is New York.
Tomorrow is the first performance in New York, no, in USA.
Meeting with American fans..
My heart is trembling.
Cannot fall into sleep from expectation.

Even though we did nothing wrong,
Even though we have nothing that we cannot do,

There was a chance that we could not meet fans in US. (note: referring to the visa issue)
But at that moment, I was so proud of our hyung, the president.

No matter who make us had,
We will show our real self
To you who always stay with us.

We will continue singing
For you........

FULL CREDIT TO: @jyjlove1111 (TWITTER)